5 Technology Bad Habits (You're Guilty of At Least 1)

Posted by Alex Willis on Apr 27, 2017 2:54:51 PM

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"Did you know that it takes 21 days to break a habit?"

I can't write this post without bringing up that quote. Anytime anyone has ever mentioned trying to break a bad habit someone comes out of nowhere and throws that wonderful tidbit at you. "I understand that it is hard to break a habit but I'm only on day 3, I don't need the reminder of 18 more days to go!".

We all have our favorite bad habits. Snacking too much, drinking, smoking, fast food, watching 13 hours of Netflix in a day, or even all 5 of those together. However, those are not as bad as losing all your data and having your identity stolen. 

Don't get me wrong you should try to break as many bad habits as you can but if you are going to start, I recommend starting with your technology habits. Here are some of the top technology bad habits:

1. "But the email said it was an important message from the IRS. I had to click the attachment"

Numero uno big no no. Always be skeptical of emails from others you don't know, especially if there is an attachment involved. The inbox is one of the most widely-used avenues of attack, and the people behind these attacks are getting better and better at putting together emails that look and sound legitimate.

Even with top of the line security, emails can still get through to your inbox. It is your job to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. 

2. "I have a Reminder to Remind Me to click Remind Me Later"


UPDATE YOUR COMPUTER PEOPLE! This makes you more vulnerable to security breaches since your system is running on version 3.2 instead of the current version of 65.1. You are still getting weird computer glitches because you have not received any of the bug fixes or performance updates. 

I understand that you don't want to suffer through those 2 minutes of agony while your device updates but It will save you time in the long run. Next time, please click update and restart. Thank you.

3. "No one will ever guess my password; I use it for everything"

Listen, I understand it's easier to remember one single password for everything but don't.  You think that no one will ever guess your kids name along with your mom's birthday but it is very possible. Make sure you at least change your passwords when it comes to high level information. For example, your bank, amazon, anything that uses a credit card really. It is better to be safe than sorry especially when it comes to your money.

4. "What's your passcode" the woman questioned, "Don't have one, got annoying" the man answered.

This one doesn't make any sense to me. Is it that much of a hassle to enter four digits before you enter your phone? If your phone is ever lost or stolen that is the only protection you have from keeping it safe. If there is no passcode the thief has access to almost whatever he wants. 

The passcode doesn't have to be elaborate but make it something that would be a little difficult to guess. Here is a list of the most common passcodes according to time.com:

1. “1234”
2. “0000”
3. “2580”
4. “1111”
5. “5555”
6. “5683”
7. “0852”
8. “2222”
9. “1212”
10. “1998”

5. "I love the way my mouse sounds when I click things"

Constant clicking should be classified as a disease and not a habit. One click can get you into troubles you could never imagine. You may think that ad looks legit but before your thought process can even kick in you have already clicked. Step back, breathe, and think before you click. You don't want to put yourself at risk and  your company.

Be productive over the next 21 days and drop your worst technology habits!


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