6 Technology Facts That Will Shock You

Posted by Alex Willis on Aug 1, 2017 8:15:11 AM

In Information Technology

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Over one fourth of small businesses admitted to having zero I.T. support. Let me say that again, ZERO I.T. SUPPORT. If they needed help on a basic computer issue they would have 2 options:

  1. Figure it out on their own and most likely end up with a larger issue.
  2. Call a local computer consultant and pay an outlandish price for a little bit of work.

I know, not bad options *strong sarcasm*. Having I.T. support in today’s business world is crucial. A single workstation that is down for a short amount of time can potentially cost you thousands of dollars.

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You want the world to know about your business but don’t want to spend money on a website? Don’t we all. However, that’s not going to happen. If your business does not have a website you are missing out on a huge opportunity, both cash flow and new prospects.  That being said there are so many cost effective ways to digitalize your business. Sites like Squarespace, Wordpress and Wix all give you the opportunity to build your own website with no coding required. Make sure your potential customers can find you.

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I hope that your business is taking advantage of the many tools and software the world has to offer. However, many are struggling when it comes to making those tools talk to each other. You can’t reach full potential if your tools aren’t working together. Still working with excel spreadsheets and custom coding is a thing of the past. We recommend taking a look at Zapier if you are trying to create an environment where all your information can be shared back and forth between tools and software.

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If you are not able to take your business with you it can be a huge downfall. In a world where technology and business is moving faster than ever you must stay in front of the curve. Giving yourself and your employees the ability to take their work with them will make them more productive and keep your business running the way you want. Having a workstation that includes VPN and a docking station can make sure that a business that is on the go has technology that is right along with it.

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Whether it is due to severe downtime or not being able to access the newest applications, most owners feel like their technology is betraying them. They are correct. However, most owners don’t know where to turn or who to trust when it comes to adopting new technology. The world is full of “I.T. Professionals” and “Managed Service Providers” but it can be hard to trust someone or some business with such a crucial part of your company. We understand this, but if you do your research and make sure you cover all your bases you will find a company or professional that fits your business.

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This number is dropping quickly and that makes us happy but we want to make sure everyone knows what they are getting into. The cloud is a wonderful way to store and access files. However, we understand that every business has a different need for the cloud. We recommend meeting with an IT professional before diving head first into the new age of file storage. You may find out you don’t even need to use the cloud or that you were going to spend way to much money.



What better way to end a blog post than with a beautiful graph! Over the last 6 years I.T. spending has increased by $150 Billion. Businesses now understand that they can't sit back and ride out the technology wave. The way we do business revolves around technology and we want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to put your business on the path to success. Transitioning to new technology is scary, we understand that. However, make sure you do your research and partner with a business that aligns with your goals and everything will work out great.


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