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Hit or Myth: Outsourcing I.T

Bringing up the topic of outsourcing I.T sends shivers down the spines of most business owners. Just the idea of outsourcing as a possibility, is a scary thought. While technology and data are precious, businesses are hesitant of giving over their data to an outside service to manage. There are a few myths and misconceptions about what outsourcing your I.T really means and what it does for your business. But don’t let them scare you away from the possibility of finding the right MSP company to work with!

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Everyday I'm Bufferin': Speed Testing

Have you ever tried to watch a video or open a web page online and felt like you’ve waited forever for it to load? You have a busy schedule and don’t want to spend the day waiting around for a website. Today, most of the content we consume is from the Internet. TV shows, movies, music, sports, social media, blogging, and research. Since we are a culture that has become uncomfortable with waiting on technology, it’s important that the speed of the website pages we visit are able to keep up with our lifestyle.

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You Put Buildings In The Clouds, Why Not Your Data?

First things first, what is the “cloud"? You hear about it all the time and yet, have never actually seen it. Here’s the catch, the cloud is invisible and it is everywhere. Cloud computing is a clever term for storing data in an off-site server via the Internet. Construction companies need to manage operations between two places at once; the work site and the office. Cloud computing helps organize information between the two places, which gives companies the potential to improve the process of sharing information.

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