7 Hidden iPhone Features

Posted by Alex Willis on Jun 2, 2017 4:46:29 PM

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Just like Starbucks Secret Menu your iPhone has a mysterious side of its own. We put together a list of our favorite "hidden iphone features" and how to unlock the true potential of your smartphone.

1. The Level

Level Blog.png

Have you ever been in the middle of building a treehouse for your kids and just couldn't remember where you left the level? Fear no more! Simply open the compass app and swipe to the right (Be careful. Make sure you open the compass app and not Tinder.). From there you will have an accurate phone level that can make sure you nailed the perfect 90-degree L beam.

2. Shake To Undo

Shake Undo Blog.png

You know this annoying little message but you're never really sure why it pops up. This feature is actually extremely helpful, especially if you get angry when you spell a word wrong. When you make a mistake while typing simply give your phone a shake and you will receive the "Undo Typing" prompt. From there, you can either decide to relax and fix your mistake or have your phone do it for you.

3. 3D Touch Camera

Camera Blog.png

No need to unlock your phone for this one. So, stop panicking and trying to unlock your phone with nervous fingers. You can totally snap a selfie with Miguel Cabrera as he drives by in the parade. All you have to do is press and hold the camera button in quick menu. From there you have four options of, "Take Photo", "Record Slo-mo", "Record Video" or "Take Selfie". Go Tigers!

4. Special Characters

Press and Hold Blog.png

You just realized you had a crazy dream last week that ended up being a reality. You go to tell your friend about the happening but don't want to look bad with improper spelling. Don't fret, press and hold down the "e" button to bring up the special characters menu. After that mission is accomplished, go ahead and do the same with the "a" button. You can now let your friend know without looking uncultured. Woah, déjà vu.

5. 3D Touch Flash Light

Light Blog.png

Let's say you're in the movie theater and drop your last Raisinets on the floor. Most people will let it go but you LOVE Raisinets. You don't want to turn your flash light on full blast, people will hate you for that. Wait! You remember this blog post. All you have to do is press and hold the flashlight in quick menu and turn on the "Low Light" option. The movie isn't interrupted by some crazy guy turning on his flashlight and you get to eat the last disgusting Raisinets.

6. Word Passcode

Passcode Blog.png

Here at Omega Computer Services we love security. Why not have a longer and safer passcode that 6 numbers? You can! And it's simple. Head to settings and select Touch ID & Passcode, press "Passcode Options" then "Custom Alphanumeric Code". From there you can make your password and word or phrase you would like. We recommend entering special characters to enhance safety.

7. Custom Vibrations

Vibration Blog.png

Are you tired of thinking that your phone vibrated when it was actually the person next to you? There is a simple fix for that. Create your own vibrations in the Sound & Haptics section in Settings. Select the alert you want to have a custom vibration for, scroll to the bottom and select "Create New Vibration". You will be prompted to a screen where you can create 7 section vibrations to personalize your alerts.