Work Smarter Not Harder: Microsoft Word

Posted by Alex Willis on Aug 25, 2017 4:00:18 PM

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Microsoft Word has become a staple program for creating documents in the home or office space. A lot of your time and work goes into writing, formatting, and editing those documents. Unfortunately, this process can become tedious and repetitive, but it doesn't have to be! Why not learn how to boost your productivity by using Word more efficiently? Whether you're interested in becoming a Word expert or simply sharpening your administration skills, it's always helpful to learn more about a program you use on a regular basis. Here are some tips and keyboard shortcuts to help cut some corners and save yourself some time.


 First things first, you'll need to format your document to establish a structure and set up the layout that works for you. Creating a document to appear exactly how you want it can be frustrating at times, especially when you make a minor adjustment, then all of a sudden, the whole page looks completely different. Using information and content from outside sources is a great way to bring credibility to your work. While you may want to use content from another source, you still want your work to be your own and knowing a few formatting shortcuts can help ease the irritation you may experience when writing a document.

  • Paste text without formatting from the original source

COPY TEXT FROM SOURCE > CLICK "PASTE" MENU > CLICK "PASTE UNFORMATTED". Then you will see that your text has been pasted on your document without the formatting of the original source.

  • Copy non-adjacent text

HOLD DOWN [CTRL] > USE MOUSE TO HIGHLIGHT YOUR SELECTION OF TEXT IN THE DOCUMENT. You will be able to then copy and paste the selected.

  • Create new sections

PAGE LAYOUT MENU > "BREAKS". You will see two options for "page" and "section" breaks. Choose the type of break you want to include in your document's layout.


Any piece of writing should undergo a thorough editing process, whatever that be be for you. At this point, you've put a lot of your time and effort into writing your document and now you want to make sure your words look appealing to both you and those reading your work. By stylizing the words on your document, it allows you to give emphasis and attention to certain words or elements of your writing. Your readers will appreciate knowing what ideas and information you want them to know more about.


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Give these keyboard shortcuts a try!

  • [CTRL] + B: bold selected text
  • [CTRL] + U: underline selected text
  • [CTRL] + I: italicize selected text
  • [CTRL] + SHIFT + < : decrease font size of selected text
  • [CTRL] + SHIFT + > : increase font size of selected text
  • [CTRL] + SHIFT + C: copy formatting of selected text
  • [CTRL] + SHIFT + V: apply formatting to selected text
  • [CTRL] + E: center selected text


Now that you have a handful of shortcuts and tips up your sleeve, go even further to boost your productivity and efficiency when creating documents in Word. Navigating and inserting images into your document is a common practice. To make the process quicker for you, use these keyboard shortcuts!

  • [CTRL] + N: open a new document
  • [CTRL] + P: print
  • [CTRL] + S: save document
  • [CTRL] + SHIFT + D: enter today's date
  • [CTRL] + SHIFT + T: enter today's time
  • [CTRL] + HOME: move to top of the document
  • [CTRL] + END: move to bottom of the document
  • [CTRL] + K: insert a hyperlink
  • [ALT] + N + P > BROWSE AND SELECT > "INSERT": insert a picture/image into your document